The United States military is all set to reveal about its disciplinary actions to be taken against the US service members involved in the Afghan hospital bombing in 2015.

Sixteen service members have been under military watch following the Pentagon’s review that declared their involvement in the US airstrikes which claimed the lives of 42 people and injured 37 at a civilian hospital at Kunduz in Afghanistan. The incident occurred on October 3, 2015. The US military, however, is going to unveil its decision on Friday regarding the punishment it would give to the service members who caused the destruction.

The officials involved in the incident claimed the strike as a tragic mistake. The US military hearing will review all the facets of the explosion and then release the conclusions. US officials told Reuters that the hospital that exploded was run by the international medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (also called Doctors Without Borders). The airstrike killed the charity employees along with the patients in the explosion.

NPR reporter Tom Bowman stated that the service members are not facing any criminal charges. “The report cites a number of mistakes – human and technical – that led to what the US says was an unintentional attack on a hospital run by the group Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan,” Bowman said. He reported that General Joe Votel, the top American officer in charge of the region, will undertake the proceedings at the Pentagon on Friday.

In November, the US military ruled that the commanders did not attack the Afghan hospital intentionally. On the other hand, former head of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan General John Campbell said that it was a series of mistakes that prompted the American service officers to attack the Afghan hospital, though it was not on the list of places to be struck.

The identity of the 16 US service members has yet been kept a secret since then.