“Captain America” and “Star Wars” are officially crossing over. Well, not really folks. It’s just that “The Force Awakens” star John Boyega could not contain his excitement for the forthcoming Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War.” Boyega posted on his Twitter page that his loyalty lies with #teamcap.

“I’m with Captain America. FULLY,” Boyega tweeted. Well, it’s interesting that Disney owns both Marvel and Lucasfilm. Some may be reminded of the old proverb of ‘killing two birds with one stone.’ However, it doesn’t look like a clever marketing ploy by Disney to amp up excitement for two of its big franchises. After all, Boyega has been an all out geek ever since he began making public appearances to promote Star Wars Episode VII. He was equally super-charged on social media. So, he’s just a fan of Steve Rogers, that’s all.

Boyega also hoped that Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) who will be introduced in “Civil War,” remains neutral. “Knowing Black Panther … I hope he hasn’t chosen a side because that would be interesting,” he tweeted.

However, he’s not that great a fan of Tony Stark’s Iron Man as he made clear in the series of tweets that followed his announcement of his allegiance to Captain America. One Twitter user who calls himself mudi (‏@lifewithfelix) was particularly saddened by Boyega’s siding with Rogers. “@JohnBoyega can’t support you no more bro. #TeamIronMan.” Boyega had the perfect medicine: “You can keep your government registration.” The British actor also slammed another #TeamIronMan fan saying “Enjoy that super hero police badge.”

Boyega was obviously referring to the plot element of “Civil War” where a new legislation requires that superheroes need to register themselves with the US Government so that they can be monitored and their activities regulated. Captain America rebels against it while Iron Man is in favour of such a regulation.

Boyega then explained why he wouldn’t want to depend on someone like Iron Man if he needed to be rescued. “If I’m in a burning building, I hope Iron Man doesn’t have to wait for his badge to come through the post before he saves me. #teamcap,” he said. When another Twitter user by the name Sophie Petzal pointed out that Iron Man will “have to make sure he’s filed in his risk assessment too … ” Boyega chimed in by saying “And [Iron Man] probably needs clearance for flight path. So crap.”

In the end though, he’s a Star Wars guy. “Anyway above all #teampoe,” he said cheekily, teasing those Poe and Finn shippers who are hoping for the first gay romance in a Star Wars film.