A passenger jet air plane operated by FlyDubai flight FZ981 crashed in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don Saturday morning. It killed around 62 people on board. A criminal case has now been launched.

Russia has started a criminal investigation into the case, The ABC reported.

The incident occurred during a bad weather condition of high winds when the flight was making regular attempts to land down, reports Bloomberg.”The Boeing Co. 737-800 was carrying 55 passengers and seven crew when it came down about 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) south of Moscow,” report further stated.

Russian local weather channel reported that “winds in Rostov-on-Don exceeded 20 meters per second” (about 45 miles per hour) during the accident.“As far as we know, the airport was open and we were good to operate,” FlyDubai Chief Executive Officer Ghaith Al Ghaith said at a press conference in Dubai.

“This investigation will take time until all facts are collected. Before we commit and say anything, we have to be sure. If weather wasn’t suitable, the plane wouldn’t have flown.”

Two hours is generally an unusual time for circling which it took before making a landing attempt said Ismail Al Hosani, a representative of the U.A.E.’s civil aviation body at the Dubai press conference. Two hours between the circling by a plane, another aircraft tried to land but was diverted elsewhere, Flight Radar reports.

The passengers on the board were from different nations including Russia, with Ukraine, Uzbekistan and India .FlyDubai is insured by worth $500 million, Russian Transportation Minister Maxim Sokolov said during a news conference broadcast by Rossiya-24.

The airline said to Wall Street Journal that Flight FZ981 departed from Dubai International Airport at 10:20 p.m. local time Friday (2:20 p.m. EDT) and was set for Rostov-on-Don.

The FlyDubai was said to replicate the Southwest Airlines, low-cost successful airline.According to International Air Transport Association, 2015 was the first year where number of accidents fell by two thirds and was considered as a safest year for airlines.