A Florida woman is arrested for trying to rip her boyfriend’s testicles.

Twenty-eight-year-old Rosaire Francois from Florida had been charged after she got into a fight with her boyfriend. Francois confessed to police that she “tried to rip his balls off” during the fight at their home. The incident took place on May 5.

The victim has claimed that he got into a fight with her while driving home in Ellenton, in the eastern part of Florida. The “verbal altercation” went on even after arriving at their home. The man then went for a shower; however, Francois kicked open the door and while he was still washing, she grabbed him by his testicles, reported The Sun.

According to the police report, “The offender grabbed the victim by the testicles and scratched the victim’s face.”

The report also stated that the fight “moved to the kitchen, where the offender grabbed the victim by the testicles and scratched the victim’s face.”

When the police arrived the offender confessed the attack. Francois admitted her crime and said: “I tried to rip his balls off”.

Rosaire Francois has been charged with misdemeanours and domestic battery. Currently, she is in Manatee County jail, as reported by Metro. Whether her boyfriend was injured or not is not mentioned in the report.

Recently, another angered Florida woman shot her cheating husband in the testicles. Sixty-year-old Victoria Reid was arrested last month on the charges which include aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and domestic violence.

Like Francois and her boyfriend, the fight started with an argument over Victoria’s husband’s affair with another woman. However, Victoria confronted her husband with a gun. She also threatened to kill him. Next,  she shot him aiming at his left knee, but the bullet lodged into the testicle.

In March, another woman, Marinela Benea from Romania ripped off her husband’s testicles, as he forgot to give her flowers on International Women’s Day. It seems that these unfortunate men had to face the same fate because of their wives’ or girlfriend’s precarious wrath.