An angered woman in Florida shot her cheating husband in the knee for his alleged affair, with the bullet lodging in the testicles.

Sixty-year-old Victoria Reid was arrested last week on charges which include aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and domestic violence.

According to Florida Today, the incident stemmed from an argument over an affair.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in its statement said that Victoria had a gun and confronted her husband to discuss his affair. She forced her husband of 16 years to sit on a couch at gunpoint. She then confronted him on having an affair. Reid taunted her husband.  She threatened to injure him, kill him and give him post trauma stress disorder (PTSD). She said she would do all these in order to punish him, reported Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. At first, she threatened to shoot on his face and chest to kill him. Then she changed her plan.

The statement read that Victoria, reportedly, “shot him in his left knee only for the bullet to ricochet into his testicles”.

Her threats indicated that she was planning to shoot her cheating husband in the face or Chest, reported HNGN. However, she later decided to traumatize him instead of killing him straight away. Thus, she opted to shoot him in his left knee. Nevertheless, the plan did not go accordingly and the bullet went past his knee and reached testicles where it got lodged.

The man’s condition after the shooting is not known as there is no official update on his current state. Victoria Reid was arrested after the incident. She is being held now in Brevard County Jail on a $45,874 (US$35,000) bail.

This is not the first incident where a husband gets punished by a wife.

In yet another report, a husband got punished in Florida when his wife found a sex toy in his belongings. Forty-eight-year-old Chao Gao and her husband Joshua Sinclair were driving to their new home in Saratoga, Florida when Chao confronted her husband about the sex toy.  She got furious and had beaten her husband for around 30 minutes, reported Mail Online.

Recently, a study stated that nightmares become stressors in people with PTSD.