The Flash Season 3 is currently filming, and it looks like the Villain has been finalized. There is a buzz that it is about a character we already know. This super-speed villain has an anonymous side to his character. Is it John Fox?

In its two previous seasons on the air, the producers of The Flash have exceeded expectations. The last two villains, Reverse Flash and Zoom, kept hiding their identities through false faces, time travel, alternate dimension hopping and subterfuge, so a villain of a different order is impending for the upcoming season.

While The Flash Season 3  will feature many regulars, speculations are high about its villains. Considering the rumors and facts, Comic Book Resources has sorted out some names to make a list of potential antagonists. The list features eight speedsters.

Among them, John Fox appears on top of the leaderboard of supervillains for The Flash Season 3. This Flash from the future has his origin in the 27th century. However, he keeps travelling to the 20th century to collaborate with Wally West to set the timestream straight.

Comic book followers might remember that Fox replaced the modern Flash for a while. In Wally West’s era, John Fox designed a new costume for himself and began operating as the Flash in Wally’s absence. It led to his closeness with Wally’s girlfriend Linda Park.  Fox soon fell in love with her as well.

When Speed Metal detected his absence and chased him down, Fox fled to another time. John Fox later appears in the 853rd century following the “DC One Million” event. Thus, it’s been a while since comic readers have seen him.

‘Looks can be deceptive’, so, do not get fooled by this good guy.  His blank slate status makes him a perfect object for the producers of the TV show to develop the character either as a hero or a villain in The Flash Season 3.

N.B.- John Fox is only a potential villain and nothing is confirmed yet.