The Flash Season 3 won’t air until near the end of the year. But fans have already started scouring the Internet for leaks and clues about the show’s next installment. Did actor Grant Gustin make all their effort needless, though? Did the show’s titular star really reveal Season 3 secrets ahead of the premiere?

Show producers usually stop actors from spilling the beans about future episodes. However, the CW hasn’t made such restrictions on Gustin. Or at least, that’s what the actor claims.

The previous season ended with Barry Allen going back in time to save his mom. However, he accidentally changed the timeline in the process in what is called Flashpoint. In an interview with ScreenRant, Gustin explained how much things have changed for his character on the show.

“They haven’t told me not to say this, so I guess I’ll just kind of say it… Barry’s the only one that knows all of the differences [in the timeline… And] he does slowly start to forget the original timeline,” the actor said.

“[But] it’s cool, we get to see Barry with his family as if they had always been normal. Except Barry knows it shouldn’t be this way so he has this absolute appreciation for the fact that they’re here in front of him. So the scenes are great right now, they bring a smile to my face.”

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Aside from having his parents back from the dead, his actions as the Flash also brought about changes in his relationships with his friends. Gustin confirmed that next season will show Barry as never having to live with Joe and Iris. The actor also said Iris and Barry won’t even have a relationship to begin with. Meanwhile, former Harry Potter star Tom Felton will also join the series as a result of Flashpoint.

The Flash Season 3 will premiere on the CW on October 8.