Recent news on “The Flash season 3” suggest that the upcoming season will be following the “Flashpoint Paradox” story line. Speculations on this new season have been spreading, including Barry Allen’s possibility of losing his power.

“The Flash” wrapped up its second season with Barry Allen using his power to travel back in time after deciding to save his mother’s life. This then cancels out everything that has happened since season 1. Thus,  fans were left to believe that the show will follow the story line based on DC Comics’ “Flashpoint”.

Written by Geoff Johns, “Flashpoint” revolves around Barry Allen who wakes up in a reality where he has no powers, his mother is alive, and other twisted realities. In the world he woke up in, Aquaman and Wonder Woman were on the verge of destroying the world because of a feud between the two.

As powerless he may seem, he figures out that this was all caused by one change or difference from the reality he knows: Barry saved his mother’s life. Eventually, he was able to find a solution which was featured in “The New 52” comics.

Fans are not alone in believing that this is a likely possibility, as Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon (a.k.a Vibe) in the series, believes that the series may indeed follow that story line.

Blastr reports that at a press conference, Valdes said “I think there’s every chance of a Flashpoint paradox. Some people expressed reservation about that  – why are we going there? – but then some people were all about it”.

Valdes, however, also added that “The Flash season 3” will definitely change a few things but will still stay faithful to the original story line. He then encourages the fans to have faith in the crew, according to GameNGuide.

“The Flash Season 3” is scheduled to premiere by late 2016.