Will the third season of “The Flash” be delayed after the series lost its director? The show’s second season finale is next week. Will that be the last time fans get to see Grant Gustin play the DC speedster?

The upcoming season of the hit CW show will likely push through as scheduled. No news suggesting a delay has surfaced. But its movie counterpart might not be so lucky. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director attached to Barry Allen’s solo movie has just dropped it as a project. Seth Grahame Smith will no longer be directing “The Flash.” He reportedly quit because of “creative differences.”

Grahame Smith was supposed to make his directorial debut with “The Flash.” But it would seem like the movie might need to find another director. Will Grahame Smith’s exit cause a delay in the movie’s release?  The news site, iO9 Gizmodo, doesn’t think so. “There’s lots of time to get a new director,” iO9 Gizomodo pointed out. “The Flash” movie is not set to hit the big screen until March 16, 2018.

Fans of Grant Gustin should not expect him to play the movie version of Barry Allen, though. Instead, Ezra Miller has been cast for the role. The “Perks of Being a Wallflower” actor has already appeared on screen as Allen in last month’s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Miller will zoom into another DC film before his own solo movie. Miller will join “Justice League” as Barry Allen next year.

Meanwhile, Grahame Smith has not dropped his other projects with Warner Bros. He will still be one of the writers for the “Lego Batman” movie. He is also still on board for the “Beetlejuice” sequel. “The Flash” movie will also still use the screenplay he wrote for it before he quit as director.