The third season of “The Flash” will not premiere in another four months. But actor Grant Gustin is already giving out hints about the “Big Bad” he might have to fight in the show’s next installment.

The Flash has had to fight and beat Reverse Flash in Season 1. The second season, on the other hand, made him deal with Zoom. Who could the Big Bad be in Season 3?

The CW has yet to confirm next season’s main villain. However, according to Movie Pilot, the show’s star might have dropped a major clue recently. “I’ve heard whispers that we might have a Big Bad that isn’t a meta-human! Which is kinda cool,” Gustin said. Both Reverse Flash and Zoom were meta-humans. Would DC’s favorite speedster really face off with a villain without powers soon? Below, we round up the five possible characters who could cause trouble for Barry Allen next season.

1. Captain Cold

In the show’s Season 2 finale, Barry Allen accidentally altered the timeline. Because of this, as Movie Pilot suggested, it’s possible for Captain Cold and Flash to be at odds with each other next season.

2. The Trickster

The film blog pointed out that Trickster would make quite the “fearsome foe.”

3. Mirror Master

In a separate report, Movie Pilot suggested Mirror Master as a possible villain since he’s “the most famous nemesis of Flash.”

4. Top

A villain that can “spin so fast he can deflect bullets” could be an interesting addition.

5. Black Siren

Black Siren has already given the Flash one hell of a fight before. Of course, Black Siren is a meta-human. But it must be noted that Gustin’s statement about next season’s villain has not exactly been confirmed. So, the Big Bad could still be a meta-human. It might be interesting to see her be a “badass” on the show again.