Black Siren finally showed up in this week’s episode of “The Flash.” Actress Katie Cassidy guest starred as the iconic DC character. She made her way to Central City this week to confront the show’s titular hero. Was the ensuing battle as epic as fans could hope?

A.V. Club seems to think so. “This episode, ‘Invincible’ is brimming with a confidence that has been missing too often this season…the result is easily the most satisfying of the Zoom-centric episodes this year,” their review read. IGN, meanwhile, commended Cassidy for her portrayal of Black Siren. “It was refreshing to see Cassidy cut loose and play a twisted, amoral version of her character,” IGN said. The entertainment news site even compared her character  to Reverb, Killer Frost and Deathstorm. Her portrayal reportedly had the “same appeal” that made those characters “so entertaining.”

It was earlier rumoured that Cassidy will leave “Arrow” to join “The Flash.” Her character on “Arrow,” Black Canary, died in an earlier episode. Will she stick around for “The Flash” Season 3? Or will she be resurrected on “Arrow” as Black Siren? No word as of yet to confirm either rumour. But IGN hopes this character sticks around.

“Is it too much to hope that Black Siren might stick around and replace the old Black Canary?” IGN said. “Honestly, it’s a shame Black Canary didn’t have a little more Black Siren in her all along. Laurel was never one of the stronger characters on Arrow, and having a harder edge and a more aggressive streak might have done wonders for her. Black Siren even looks cooler…plus she had an actual Canary Cry and not that worthless sonic necklace Cisco built.”

The second season finale of “The Flash” will air on May 24.

Check out Black Siren’s epic battle with The Flash below.