Viewers are eager to find out what’s next for Barry Allen with the recent conclusion of “Flash” season 2. However, can Barry continue after the recent heartbreaks he’s been through?

It’s likely he can and he will carry on in season 3 if actor Grant Gustin has anything to say about it. The actor made a promise that his character would remain optimistic regardless of whatever comes his way, Movie News Guide revealed.

Sources earlier hinted at an emotional finale for the series as the Flash promised to defeat Zoom at all costs. Hence, many feared the loss of his characteristic optimism would lead to a darker season 3. The publication expects “Flash” to premiere by the first week of October, as it has done with the previous seasons. However, it will retain its Tuesday schedule, reported.

Season 3 would likely explore the backstory of its supporting cast members as hinted by “The Flash” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. Thus, fans might be able to meet Caitlin Snow’s family.

“We haven’t met Caitlin’s mother yet. We got a little talk between the two women, which will probably play out in Season 3,” Kreisberg revealed to the Collider earlier when asked about what’s next for the character.

Actress Violett Beane also shared her secret hope for her character Jesse in season 3. Beane revealed her desire for Jesse to “get her speed.” Her character is the future speedster Jesse Quick depicted in the DC Comics, Bustle wrote. “I’m hoping that I get to put on a suit and run!” Beane said. However, the actress does appreciate how the show takes its time with her character, who would eventually get to do so.

“I think that’s a really smart idea because people want what they can’t have — and everyone’s wanting all these speedsters to be out there running together. Once that happens, people will be like ‘Ah, whatever, they’re all running fast.’ So it’s a really smart way to do things on their end for sure,” Beane added.