CW released a new extended trailer for the mid-season premiere of “The Flash” this Tuesday. From the looks of it, the heroes appear to be up against an end-of-the-world scenario.

The promo teased that villains like the Reverse Flash who was considered dead will return and friends will turn into foes, hinting of the Killer Frost and Deathstorm.

The promo begins with ominous lines. “Barry Allen, they call him the fastest man alive. He’s not. That honor belongs to Zoom.” Accompanying the voice-over are scenes that show The Flash being trapped inside a glass box. Then the face of Zoom appears.

“If Zoom finds out who you care for, he’ll take them from you,” Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) warns Barry Allen. The trailer then shows Zoom lifting up a terrified Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten) up in the air and taking her away before Barry can do something to save her.

The trailer also shows Caitlin West’s (Danielle Panabaker) Earth 2 metahuman version, the Killer Frost, teaming up with an alternate reality Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) who is the villain Deathstorm, to bring misery to Barry Allen’s life. “It’s so much more fun to be bad,” she tells a visibly astonished Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes).

More alternate worlds are teased where “up is down, black is white.” “Do not get distracted by anything you see along the way,” warns Dr. Harrison Wells. It appears that Barry and the team are going to have to travel to some of these alternate worlds, perhaps to find out more about Zoom.

The words “Everything you thought you knew will change” appear before the screen amid a montage of scenes showing Jay Garrick, the Flash from an alternate reality, running down the outer walls of a building in lightning speed, Flash being attacked by the Reverse Flash with Patty helplessly standing still.

We also see a kind of circular device which is either a time machine or some sort of portal that Flash jumps through and ends up inside a train, while Cisco tells Barry and Dr. Wells, “Good luck fixing the universe.”

It seems that various alternate worlds will collide and intersect, creating chaos, threatening destruction to Barry’s own world. In the episode “Flash of Two Worlds,” Jay Garrick said that a singularity which the Flash encountered had opened a pathway which brought the former to Barry’s life.

This singularity could be heavily featured in the coming episodes of Season 2, bringing into Barry’s universe more heroes and villains than he could handle. It could potentially alter the destinies of everyone involved or worse, create a world ending chaos.

We know from an EW interview of “The Flash” Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg that Zoom will be hunting Flash throughout his life, causing an existential crisis. Barry’s next face-off with Zoom “might not take place on our Earth,” he teased.

More details will gradually emerge as the next episode “Potential Energy” airs today. In this episode, Barry and the team from Star Labs will hunt down The Turtle who has the ability to slow down time, especially for super fast people like Barry Allen. Barry also has to decide to disclose his secret identity to Patty or not, especially since Zoom will kidnap her.