HGTV’s beloved Fixer Upper Chip and Joanna Gaines have undeniably become household names across the U.S. and other countries. Viewers avidly anticipate every episode of their show not only to witness their innate ability to turn unlivable houses to dream homes, but also to get a glimpse of their wacky adventures as husband and wife.

In a recent interview with Realtor, the couple shared some of their most memorable experiences on and off cam. The couple also dished on how it is like working with your spouse 24/7.

“Chip and I can both agree that we actually work better together than we do apart,” Joanna shared. “Of course, that’s not to say working together is always a breeze. We have to set aside intentional time at home where we both agree not to talk about work.”

“Also, Jo loves to spend money on our own house,” Chip shared. “And I’d rather spend money on pretty much anything else. But I do have to say, our house is awesome. Way to go, Jo-Jo!”

The Waco, Texas couple and parents to four young kids also shared some tips on how couples can avoid arguing over any home purchase. Both Chip and Joanna agree that talking about it ahead of time would make a lot of difference.

“Before you even set foot in a home improvement store, sit down and talk about your priority list and separate wants,” Chip shared. “That way, you don’t show up at Lowe’s and then realise the two of you both have strong opposing opinions on this or that.”

Building a Pinterest board together to get inspiration is also a good idea,” Joanna added. “That way, there’s a vision the two of you can run toward together.”

Apart from “Fixer Upper,” Chip and Joanna are also doing some last minute touch-ups to their book “The Magnolia Story.” When asked what fans can expect to read in their book, Chip had this to say: “Our first date story is one of my favourites from the book. I think the readers will be impressed with how smooth I was.”