The iPhone SE presented a huge upgrade for Apple faithfuls that were still sticking with their 4-inch devices after the California firm flipped the paradigm and settled for bigger screen real estates. Now that it has been finally released, there seems to be mixed reception over the changes. Is it a worthy upgrade when you’re coming from another 4-incher? Or are the differences barely noticeable that you can’t even tell if there are any improvements? If you’re still on the fence waiting to see if it will give you your money’s worth, here are the five worst features of the iPhone SE that may derail you from buying one.

1. For selfie aficionados that have been enjoying the superb camera performance of the latest iPhones, the iPhone SE may seem to be a disappointment. It’s still equipped with the same FaceTime camera found in the iPhone 5s, which, by this time, is showing its signs of age. The iSight camera did receive a huge upgrade, but the front facing camera was left to dust.

2. The iPhone SE features the very same form factor that the iPhone 5s features. This is by no meals a dealbreaker, but Apple could have gone for a better screen to body ratio. What’s worse, it’s a bad decision to make if you’re making the jump from an iPhone 6 or a behemoth Android smartphone with a display north of 5 inches.

3. If internet speed is a question you have to ask yourself when buying a handset, then the iPhone SE may not be your cup of tea. It’s not equipped with LTE-Advanced, so you won’t be able to achieve true 4G speeds.

4. It’s 2016 and Apple is still offering a device that only has a paltry 16GB of onboard storage. What’s more, going a step above would require you to shell out more cash.

5. There’s no 3D Touch here. It’s still stuck with the same display technology we’ve seen with the iPhone 5s, so it’s not as future-proof if you’re planning to keep one on the long run.