What is worse than a lengthy stopover? A lengthy stopover in a bad airport. A bad airport experience can potentially ruin the beginning or ending of an overseas trip. However, a bad airport experience can be entirely avoided with a bit of planning and the right airline.

If you’re looking to book your next holiday and a stopover is unavoidable, here is a list of airports you may want to consider:

Changi Airport, Singapore

Boasting three terminals, a butterfly garden, movie theatre, scores of restaurants and plenty of decent duty free shopping, Changi airport frequently tops ‘Worlds Best Airport’ lists. And for good reason. Although it can seem daunting, moving between terminals is organised, efficient and can be done in a matter of minutes with the airport’s Skytrain. There is something for every traveller’s taste and schedule at Changi Airport.

Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Similar to Changi, Hong Kong International Airport is a major international stopover hub, with over 5000 arrivals and departures every week. Travellers can recharge and refresh comfortably in the airport’s gardens, sleep rooms, spas and showers. The airport also happens to be home to the nation’s largest IMAX theatre, which plays a combination of national and international films throughout the day. Be careful not to forget your connecting flight!

Seoul Incheon Airport, South Korea

Offering sweet perks such as free wifi and free showers, Seoul Incheon also has a cultural edge, providing transiting passengers a number of unique cultural activities, like the Korean Cultural Street, indoor gardens, local cuisine, cultural performances and free tours of the city for transit passengers. A popular stopover for those travelling on to Europe, Seoul Incheon provides travellers with a holiday within a holiday.

Munich International Airport, Germany

Germany is known for its precision and efficiency, and its major international airport is no different. With angular, yet comfortable interior design, weary travellers can get free (thats right… FREE!) coffee from gate 38, as well as indulge in one of the airport’s many time-filler facilities such as a mini-golf, a casino, a cinema and even surfing competitions!

Helsinki Airport, Finland

Don’t be deterred by the airport’s code (HEL), Helsinki Airport is anything but! Innovative in design, Helsinki boasts funky sleeping pods, ample charging points for plugs and USBs, and the saviour for all travellers – free and unlimited Wi-Fi. With plenty of helpful airport staff around every turn, moving between terminals is easy and quick, with plenty of gorgeous Finnish architecture and design throughout the terminals and thoroughfares to enjoy as you go along your way.