WhatsApp has now rolled a beta update for Android users which has a new feature. It will allow users to send more types of files in their chat messages.

Last month, reports suggested that iOS and Android users can share the documents which are saved on their smartphone. To make use of the new feature, users will have to update their WhatsApp version to 2.12.14 on iOS while for Android users, 2.12.453, notes The Marshal Town.

Earlier update only allowed to share PDF files but the latest update will let users in the Android beta program to share Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files.

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It is worth noting that WhatsApp has rolled out the beta version, this means users will have to take a risk of installing the app. WhatsApp would want you to test the app on your device and report the bug you have faced. In order to enter the WhatsApp beta testing program, they will have to send a request to them. However, we have listed five reasons to share Excel, Word and PowerPoint files on WhatsApp.

Reason 1: Easy to Share

WhatsApp for Android allows its users to send files by simply tapping on the paper clip icon to upload an attachment.

The company has specially rolled out this beta version for Android users. This can be understood as a good sign that if it is tested out, soon the public will receive the final version of the app.

Reason 2: Great Benefit

With the new feature of sending all kinds of files will be of great benefit for the one billion users on the platform.

Reason 3: Secure Sharing

Users need not worry about hackers getting into these files, as the WhatsApp has previously rolled out the end-to-end encryption features with an update. This feature is applicable for all types of messages shared in the app, notes Tech Times.

Reason 4: Alternative for E-mail.

The new feature would be helpful for many people as said above, WhatsApp has one billion users. So, users can send files through the messaging app, this means users will not have to login emails every time to send a file to another person.

Reason 5 : Faster Sharing

Users can send files easily and fast without any interruption as long as internet connection is not weak.

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Similarly, previous month had reports suggesting that the in-app camera for Android users is undergoing a design change to have a more modern look. This would have buttons being more analogous to those seen on the apps like Snapchat.