Oh fish! People around the world seem to get into a fame-frenzy mode. To grab attention, they are going to any extent.

From measuring their legs using their iPhone 6 to fitting waist size into A4 paper, there are many bizarre challenges and stunts tried all over the globe. The latest in the list is fish bra (#fishbra)! No, it is not made from fish.  Do not confuse it with a fish like material for women to cover their modesty. Why have these bras taken the Internet by storm? Why is it trending? Here is the story.

A bunch of women somewhere thought of coining a new trend called the ‘fish bra’. Wondering what it is? It’s essentially making a bra out of fish. This new craze is sweeping social media and the trend has spread like wildfire.

Women are making bras out of fish. All they need to do is go topless and hold a fish big enough to cover their modesty. It has really impressed the female anglers and they are going gaga over it, making it a popular style, reports Mirror.

A quick search on the web of the hashtag #fishbra, gets innumerable images of women sporting these water species in various poses, leaving one awestruck.

@shuterr with a legendary #fishbra #fishbraawarenessday

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@irenecc83 with the #MuttonBra

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Wondering what is the fun in doing so? Perhaps, it is a proud feeling among women who are going fishing to flaunt their catch on camera. It’s hitting two birds with one stone, as it also shows style. It’s difficult to say how this trend became popular.

One thing is for sure though: this odd thing is stylish. What do you think of the fish bra? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!