With a ceremony outside the parliament house just after midnight, Western Australian same-sex couple Stephen Dawson and Dennis Liddelow have made a historic change in Australia. The dynamic couple were the first ones to register their union under the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) marriage laws that came into effect in early December 2013.

Following the footsteps of Stephen and Dennis, twenty other couples from the ACT, Victoria and Queensland celebrated their own union-ceremonies in early December 2013. Numerous other couples plan on taking advantage of the same-sex union and give themselves and their community the safety and security under the Australian jurisdiction just like every other citizen.

When the world shamed same-sex couples in the 1970’s, Australia stood up against the tide and started the annual ‘Mardi Gras’ festival- a festival that celebrates the public acceptance of the lesbian and gay community.

‘Mardi Gras’ festival

Former Australian Idol finalist, Rob Mills has called upon the Australian Prime-minister Malcom Turnbull to legalise same-sex marriage. He is not alone when it comes to the spotlight in the Australian celebrity business, there are many others who are advocating for the gay marriage. Actress Ruby Rose, Anthony Gallea, Model Jesinta Campbell and Danni Minogue have all voiced their opinion on why same-sex marriage should be legal down under.

In spite of the wide spread public acceptance of the same-sex community, right from the 70’s to the land mark union of 2013, there seems to be absolutely no reconstruction of the federal law even at the end of 2015, which has lead to continuous mounting of public frustration against the government establishments.

Statistics for same-sex :

The number of nuclear families are decreasing in 2015 and there are more single parent families in Australia. The Australian Human Rights Commission has released a report on same sex couples that shows:


Nevertheless, we wish the government wakes up to the public’s ever growing voice and will continue to strive for equality and justice.