Single and looking for a date before Valentine’s Day?  
Channel Seven’s new show, First Dates Australia, just might have you covered. The new dating show sets up hopeful singles from across the country on blind dates.
Forget the Bachelorette.
“[First Dates] is not reality television, it’s not a competition, it’s very much an observational show where real people are going on real first dates,” explained First Dates’ executive producer Geraldine Orrock in an interview with
Orrock and her team spent 12 weeks trying to play matchmaker for the hopefuls who’d applied to the show.
Cynics might claim that the show would just set up bad dates for a “TV car crash moment.” But the producer says, this is never the case.
“We always match people for a match and we’re all hoping for success on each date,” Orrock assured.
Besides, successful dates are what you’d want to watch for, the producer said.
“Once you’ve locked into the characters, when you watch the chemistry form between them you get such a thrill…You get goosebumps when you see people are really hitting it off and you really hope they do decide to see each other again,” Orrock explained.
On last night’s episode, we follow every cringe-inducing, awe-inspiring moment of five blind dates.
Nicholas, 29, was paired off with Dannii, a 22-year old pharmacy student. Nicholas’ nerves got the better of him and he ended up in the loo, half-way through dinner, to call a mate for advice. Thankfully, Dannii found his awkwardness endearing and she agreed to go on a second date.
Meanwhile, small-town, country girl Vanessa, 19, was set up with small-town, country boy Tom, 23. The sparks were almost immediate. And Vanessa ended up telling Tom: “You made me feel like a princess.” The couple agree to go on a second date.

Caterina, 40, was paired off with Chris, 44, who suggested that they “get lubricated together.” Well, let’s just say they’re going on a follow-up date.

Not all couples hit it off, though, in First Dates Australia.

Aiden, a 29-year old model, was clearly smitten with his date Emily. However, although a self-confessed hopeless romantic, Emily rejected the idea of going on a second date with him. She just wasn’t feeling the spark, she explained.
Lauren, a 28-year old marketing manager who had a date with 27-year old Corbin, meanwhile reminded us that it isn’t always a good idea to share your Cat Lady fears on the first date. Lauren’s comments like, “I definitely feel that Mr Right is lost. He could potentially be stuck up a tree.” and “I’ve definitely had those days…where I felt that dating may just never happen, that I may die alone” did not work for Corbin. He did not agree to a follow-up date.
The show has been described as Gogglebox meets Perfect Match. It was a huge hit in the United Kingdom, where the format originated. 
First Dates Australia airs every Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 7.