The nine-year-old twins were back on dry land after they were rescued from an ice floe they were playing on.  The ice floe drifted away from the shore on the Hillsborough River at Charlottetown carrying the twins and two of their friends.

Luckily, the two friends managed to jump off and wade back to the shore as the twins were carried away by the drifting ice floe according to the report by the National Post.

Charlottetown Fire Chief Randy MacDonald confirmed that the two children were rescued in the Hillsborough River near Acadian Drive Sunday afternoon.

Based on the police report, at around 3:20 pm a call came that four children were in trouble on the river. Nonetheless, when the fire fighters arrived on the scene two already managed to make it to the shore.

MacDonald also confirmed that there were around 25 fire-fighters involved in the rescue operation.

The twins, a girl and a boy, had been jumping on ice floes when the one they were on started drifting away shortly after 3 pm on Easter Sunday, reported Mail Online.

Sergeant Walter Vessey of Charlottetown Police said, “ They happened to jump on a piece of ice that actually was floating rather than sitting on the mud, and as they jumped on it, it started to float away from shore.”’

He added, “It kept drifting out a little further and further.”

Fire officials were called to the scene and they used an inflatable boat for the rescue operation. They went 40 meters offshore to rescue the pair. The twins were given life jackets while they were brought back to the shore.

Vessey confirmed, “They weren’t harmed in any way, although they were worried I think till the fire department showed up with their boat.”

Talking about the stress the parents underwent, Vessey said, “I’m sure their mothers were plenty stressed when they came down to get them after they were rescued.”