A new “Finding Dory” trailer is out and it reveals a bit more about the forgetful blue tang. The promo also teases a bunch of new characters that were missing in the earlier “Finding Nemo.”

Fans will know more about the forgetful fish in this new trailer of “Finding Dory.” Not only will they meet Hank the octopus, Bailey the beluga whale and Destiny, a nearsighted whale shark. Other characters who made an appearance were Becky the loon, the sea lions, and the otters.

E! Online informs that other “Finding Nemo” characters such as Gill, Deb and Flo, Mr. Ray, the school of Moonfish and Crush too are in the trailer to help Dory find her family. “It really is a whole new chapter this time. We’re introducing new characters—each with his or her own unique voice,” said Andrew Stanton, who also directed “Finding Nemo.”

“Everyone has something special to offer, which makes it fun and elevates the whole story. ‘Finding Nemo’ was a great calling card when it came to casting this movie. I don’t take that for granted,” he added.

The movie is set in a timeline that is just six months after “Finding Nemo.” The trailer shows Dory’s journey from the Australian reef to the Marine Life Institute in California in a bid to find her family. The institute is also a rehabilitation center and aquarium.

On the other hand, the trailer voices Nemo’s concerns. He wonders what all their friends will do once the blue tang finds her family, states Movie Pilot. But then there is Becky the loon and her paper cup to offer comic relief. Ellen DeGeneres is back to voice the cute blue tang while Ed O’Neill is the crabby octopus. Ty Burrell, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, and Kaitlin Olson also lend their voices to some of the other characters.