Ellen DeGeneres, the Dory in “Finding Dory,” has let out a big secret about the stingray. She spilled the beans during the “Finding Dory” world premiere in Hollywood.

DeGeneres attended the world premiere with Portia de Rossi in a bomber jacket, dark casual trousers, and trainers. Even though she was said to be unconvinced about the existence of a gay couple in the movie, she let out a secret about the stingray.

According to USA Today, the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” host was at her best and joked about giving an exclusive. “I will tell you this. And this is an exclusive. No one else knows this. There is a stingray in there that’s now Sting Rhonda,” said DeGeneres. “So it’s a (transgender) sting,” she added.

“Finding Dory” has been in the news lately for featuring the first gay couple in an animated movie. However, DeGeneres, as well as director Andrew Stanton, refused to confirm the news.

“I didn’t see it. One of the women has really short hair. And I have to say, it’s not a great haircut because it was really chopped up in the back. … I think people assume anyone with a bad short haircut is gay,” said De Generes. “They can be whatever you want them to be. There’s no right or wrong answer,” said Stanton about the two women. “We have not asked that of any of the couples in any of our shots in any of our movies,” he added.

Ellen DeGeneres was recently in the news also for joining Disney’s campaign to protect the Great Barrier Reef. ANN states that she featured in a video as part of the “Remember the Reef” project that reminded Australians about protecting the reef.

However, her efforts have not gone well with Australian Environment Minister, Greg Hunt. He sent a barrage of tweets, mostly aimed at the actress. The tweets were about the work done by Australian government towards protecting the reef, states The Guardian.

DeGeneres has not responded so far, even though she has wished Kanye West on his birthday.