“Finding Dory” voice artist Ellen DeGeneres was selected by Hillary Clinton as her VP on her  syndicated TV talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday Night.

This week, the show offered a fun-filled fusion of political humor and show business wit that managed to catch the attention of viewers. Hillary Clinton, 68, is the ‘Democratic President Nominee’ who is facing a hard time selecting her vice president from among the nominees.  While playing a game called “Who’d You Rather?” during her appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Mrs Clinton was presented with an array of elite candidates for the political post.

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The first options given by Ellen were Mark Cuban and Joe Biden. Huffington Post  reveals that Hillary went for Joe. The game became more engaging when the mischievous talk show host quickly added Tony Goldwyn from Shonda Rhimes’ hit series “Scandal.” Tony plays President Fitzgerald Grant in the series. The small screen’s ‘head of state’ managed to sustain several rounds including against another Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. However, Goldwyn had to leave the seat when his potential was challenged by George Clooney.  Hillary picked Clooney over him. It looks like the former first lady is a die-hard fan of the “Ocean’s Eleven” star.

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She told Ellen, “Well, Tony could be the first term and George could be the second.” Then, George was thrown off by Beyonce. This choice is quite predictable. Who wouldn’t like to have Queen Bey as their closest adviser? asks Hollywood Life.

Referencing Beyonce’s controversial album “Lemonade,” Hillary wittily expressed, “I believe in making lemonade out of lemons.”

Hillary was all set to move ahead with First Lady Michelle Obama, whom she mentioned as an amazing pick. However, the First Lady also got ruled out when Ellen volunteered herself for the position.  The game ended with Ellen DeGeneres as the new VP for the next president of the United States.