In anticipation of the release of Pixar’s sequel to “Finding Nemo,” there is an online campaign to protect clownfish from facing extinction due to the demand for such exotic fish species as pets. The campaigners want Ellen DeGeneres, the voice of the blue tang fish named Dory in both “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” to help. The blue tang fish also faces a serious threat from the release of “Finding Dory.”

IN Daily reports that South Australian researchers at Flinders University teamed with the University of Queensland in 2005 to form the Saving Nemo Foundation. The foundation has launched an Instagram campaign called Saving Nemo to recruit DeGeneres to be the spokesperson for the foundation in their mission to save clownfish populations in the oceans. They want the famous talk show host to become the ambassador for a new app that they will release later this year. mentions that climate change and the pet industry are threatening coral reefs and so “for the love of marine ornamental species like Nemo and Dory, take a selfie with purpose as part of our million kisses for nemo campaign and tag 3 friends,” the site asks. The next step is the most important – “Share your fish kisses with Ellen DeGeneres, the voice of Dory, to encourage her to join the campaign and become the ambassador of Saving Nemo to help promote conservation of popular marine aquarium animals.”

Saving Nemo Foundation Director Karen Burke da Silva says that they need a big celebrity like Ellen, who is also an animal rights activist, to generate attention towards their noble campaign. “So we came up with the idea of sending a million fish kisses to help save Nemo and we’re tagging Ellen DeGeneres because we think she would be the best possible ambassador.”

Da Silva said, “It’s about education – we’ve done surveys and most people don’t realise that about 90 percent of the marine ornamental fish they are buying at aquarium shops are being taken from the wild.” The foundation hopes to raise more funds so that they can breed more clownfish in captivity for the pet fish market so that the wild fish populations do not decline.

“Finding Dory” releases on June 17 in the United States. Don’t forget to send in your kisses to save Nemo and Dory. They need it!