There are some films, which disappoint fans. And there are some that thrill them beyond expectations. Finding Dory is one such movie. It has already created a box office history by earning $136.2 million (AU$183.3 million) in the opening weekend in North America only.

The movie now has the second-biggest opening in June of all time, with the top movie being Jurassic World. Here are five reasons why the movie created history at the box office.

Finding Nemo

The incredible success of Finding Nemo is probably the biggest reason behind such a huge expectation for its sequel. The sequel to the 2003 movie comes after 13 years. And it was worth the wait. The kids, who watched the movie 13 years back, are now mature adults. The movie attracted many generations altogether.

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Not Only Kids’ Movie

Pixar has proved time and again that it does not produce movies for kids only. Even though the movies are supposed to have children as target audience, those entertain adults equally well. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 26 percent of the Pixar audience comprises of adults. Finding Dory is no exception.

After 7 pm, when younger kids are supposed to stay at home, the movie made $4 million (AU$ 5.4 million). The figure is double of what Inside Out managed to do during its opening weekend.

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No Competition

There is hardly any family movie at the theaters to give competition to Finding Dory. Angry Birds is no more a new movie. Fans are not particularly pleased with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Father’s Day was also another occasion, where dads gave a treat to kids by taking them to this spectacular movie.

Pixar Brand

Pixar has established itself as a proven name over the years for producing quality movies. There’s hardly any movie it produces that do not impress the audience. Pixar movies impress critics equally well. Any movie it makes itself associated with comes with huge expectations. And almost all the time, it goes way beyond expectations.


Finding Dory was aptly promoted to grab attention. According to Deadline, it partnered with 13 big brands like Band-Aid and Kellogg’s for its promotional campaign. Subway launched a special meal on June 6 to promote the movie. The incredible promotion has helped the movie soar high as well.