Final Fantasy XV has more to explore, and one of these is a secret dungeon. Unveiling the secret dungeon could be the ultimate challenge for any Final Fantasy XV player. Unfortunately, you can’t access the dungeon until you finish the game.

Apparently, this little hideaway in Final Fantasy XV is hidden in the corner of the map. You can reach it if you upgrade your car to the Regalia Type-F once you complete the game. Regalia Type-F is also known as the airship.

How to transform your Regalia to Type F?

The only way to do this is to finish the game. You will unlock more contents including new side quests once you are done with the game and you will be able to transform your Regalia into Type F. According to iTechPost, go back into the game and take the Formouth Garrison side quest once you are done with the main story.

This quest has a level requirement of 46 and will take you at least an hour to finish. Afterward, you will be rewarded with a “strange engine” which is the third part to transform your Regalia. You should have already obtained the other two parts after you completed Chapters 5 and 6.

You can now head over to Hammerhead and give Cindy all the three parts. Once you hand over the parts, simply select “Change to Regalia Type F” and you now have the airship and ready to explore the secret dungeon.

How to access Final Fantasy XV secret dungeon?

On your way to the dungeon, keep an eye out for the little yellow line near the Rock of Ravatogh, Kotaku wrote. This is easy to miss so you have to focus. Using the airship, you can smoothly land and part on the yellow line.

Once you have landed, it is an easy walk to the dungeon. Although you will not be battling monsters in this level, it is worthy to explore the dungeon. There are several puzzles and platforming until you reach the top, which is the end of the challenge. Kotuko also advises Final Fantasy XV gamers to turn off the HUD for a better experience.

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