The Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report has just aired over the weekend and new details have surfaced regarding Square Enix’s much-awaited title. Game director Hajime Tabata and Marketing Manager Akio Ofuji took it as a chance to introduce a new character, as well as unveil new gameplay footage and more details about “Final Fantasy XV.”

New to the game is Aranea Highwind, the commander of Niflheim’s Third Army Corps 87th Airborne Division. According to Square Enix, her character is a skilled aerial combatant, which would also put her in the ‘Dragoon’ role in the Final Fantasy universe. The Active Time Report also showcased some battle footage of her in action, as well as a new look at the combat with magic and skills in use. Tabata also made some hints that a new playable demo could also be on its way. However, details are still sparse and gamers would have to wait until March for more info.

As for the combat details, the user interface seems to be overhauled with directional buttons designated for weapon equipment, thus giving an indication that the protagonist, Noctis, can change his weapons even during combat. There’s also join abilities, which can be executed through switching to a teammate to perform the task. Furthermore, the video also showcases Noctis’ warp-kill ability which allows him to deliver stealth blows to kill the enemy in contact.

Moreover, the company also shed light regarding the previously announced event in March that will finally reveal when “Final Fantasy XV” hits its heavily anticipated release date. The event, Final Fantasy Uncovered, will take place on March 30 at Los Angeles, and will also include some “major announcements and surprises.” The event will be open to everyone in the United States, and gamers who want to participate can RSVP via the official site.