Square Enix’s much-awaited release doesn’t come out until November. However, gaming fans were treated to a special introduction of the game through the movie Kingsglaive. Just like any other movie, this one got varied reception. Will the reviews it gained point to the fate of Final Fantasy XV?

To say that reviews are varied is an understatement. In fact, different outlets had conflicting things to say about the Final Fantasy XV movie. Some praised the film and/or its elements, while others slammed it entirely.

One of the many reviews comes from Ashley Oh of Polygon. The review was critical, and although it did praise many aspects of the film, it was also blunt in calling out where Kingsglaive went wrong. Notably, Oh calls the film “breathtakingly beautiful”. Nevertheless, the writer also points how the film’s story was problematic.

Oh can be quoted as saying, “… even beautiful visuals can’t save a husk of a story. You’ll find no achievements in storytelling here nor an ending worthy of your time – Kingsglaive is like a huge, glittery piñata with no candy inside. It’s beautiful to look at, but there’s nothing of real substance.”

Final Fantasy XV movie

Polygon’s Ashley Oh is not the only one to call out the negative aspects of the film. Rolling Stone‘s James Mielke also offers some critical insight into Kingsglaive. He had this to say about the game’s introduction:

“… it’s got all the pacing issues of a student driver learning stick for the first time. Kingsglaive is filled with too much spectacle, too little exposition, and several waves of pointless betrayal.”

With these negative reviews out, it makes one wonder how the game itself will fare when it comes out. True enough, Kingsglaive is only an introduction and it is not the game. However, the same developers are behind both.

With this we ask, are the negative reviews a foretelling of Final Fantasy XV’s doom? Will the game disappoint fans who have waited for it? Hopefully not, but only time can tell.

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