Final Fantasy VII Remake fans at the PlayStation Experience enjoyed the game trailer released at the event and received more news about the title, currently in the works.

As reported by Digital Trends, Square Enix revealed that the title will be rolled out in multiple parts, episodically. Reportedly, the developers wanted to make sure that they incorporate and built upon what fans experienced in the original, “Final Fantasy VII.”

The original “Final Fantasy VII” was released in 1997 for PlayStation. It was launched on three discs and featured “crude, polygonal characters in pre-rendered, 2D environments.” What fans witness in the trailer is the modern 3D graphical version of the original.

In the original, the gameplay averaged 40-60 hours with a “long and complicated act” taking place within the Midgar city itself. All of this takes place, even before players can get to the Final Fantasy world map. If the complete title was to be released in the latest 3D graphics on a single release, it would have necessitated dropping some content.

This would have definitely not sat well with ardent gamers out there, who would want the complete package. So, it only works best that the developers are gearing up to launch the title in episodes. Original’s game director Yoshinori Kitase told Dengeki online, “If we took everything that’s in the original game and remade it at that quality, we couldn’t get it all on a single release.”

Square Enix had previously shared that a numbers of elements will be tweaked or changed to deliver more dynamic content much like the combat seen in the trailer. And of course, the other major change is the title arriving in episodes.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” is still under development for PlayStation 4 and no release date has yet been announced by Square Enix. Avid gamers can keep coming back for more information on the game.