Square Enix has already made the announcement that “Final Fantasy IX,” one of its critically acclaimed titles for the PlayStation One, is heading to both mobile and PC platforms. Details on the release date and pricing weren’t disclosed, leaving the fans at the edge of their seats, waiting in anticipation for an official port of the classic. Now, in what seems to be a surprising move from the company, “Final Fantasy IX” is now live on Android and iOS devices.

The mobile port of “Final Fantasy IX” comes with beautiful, high-resolution movies and models. It’s also optimized for touchscreen controls, allowing users to comfortably move across towns and battle enemies without any difficulty. What’s more, it even has new features such as game boosters that include “high speed” mode that speeds up the battle, a “no encounter” mode that frees you of enemy encounters, and many more. Square Enix may also be targeting casual gamers who just want to go deep into the story without having to worry about the difficult battles the game presents.

However, the price point of the title that is currently presented may put off casual mobile gamers. It’s currently on a sale price of AU$24 (US$17) until Feb. 17, which seems to be pretty expensive as compared to other mobile games available on the app market for both the Android and iOS platform. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that “Final Fantasy IX’s” original four-disc physical copy costs at least the same price of the port at eBay, and that doesn’t even include taxes and shipping, as well as the console that you have to play it on.

“Final Fantasy IX” is the latest title from Square Enix to be ported to mobile phones, and it appears that the company is close to bringing every Final Fantasy title for the PlayStation One to smartphones. “Final Fantasy VIII” seems to be the only one remaining to be ported.

There’s also a planned PC port coming this year, although it comes as a surprise that the company didn’t match the release dates alongside the mobile counterparts.