The teaser served its purpose well to prepare everyone for the drop of the Fifty Shades Darker trailer.

The Fifty Shades Darker trailer has arrived and revealed more of what fans can expect when Valentine’s Day 2017 comes around. The spark between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele remains strong. However, outside forces threaten to break them apart before they have a chance at something real. Hence, Fifty Shades Darker is shaping up into something hotter and more exciting than its predecessor.

1. Forget the Past

The original tagline Slip into something a shade darker was incomplete. Apparently, it starts with Forget the past. Hence, was the suggestion to wear a darker shade not a fashion reference? Was it an invitation to something else?

2. Fireworks

This time around, Anastasia and Christian are in an embrace underneath the fireworks in the Fifty Shades Darker trailer. Hence, the sequel is likely more explosive than the first.

3. Danger

Their decision to forge ahead with a relationship faces various threats. Anastasia finds out she is under surveillance by someone. In addition, the past haunts Christian with the return of a former lover and an ex-submissive.

4. Steamier than ever

Their shower scene is likely a taste of things to come in Fifty Shades Darker. Hence, it is more than enough proof of how much steamier the sequel is. The confidence Christian exudes as he sets out to win Anastasia who appears to play coy at first makes it more thrilling.

“No rules, no more punishments, and no more secrets,” Anastasia told Christian. However, E Online wondered if he could stay true to her requests given his history.

5. Mysterious Woman

The mysterious woman appears twice in the trailer. Initially, she looked like a figment of Anastasia’s imagination standing at the foot of the bed. Yet towards the end, the mysterious woman looked real as the camera angle shifted to show her standing behind Anastasia.

Watch the Fifty Shades Darker trailer.