The first official images of Fifty Shades Darker might have revealed key moments of the story.

Fans have yet to get over the recent drop of the poster, teaser, and trailer. Indeed, these fueled greater intrigue for the highly anticipated sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey. The poster and trailer foretold what was ahead in Fifty Shades Darker. Moreover, it likely helped to prepare everyone for the actual trailer, which turned out to be hotter and more exciting than anyone could have predicted. Hence the greater anticipation for its arrival on Valentine’s Day 2017.

However, fans who cannot get enough of the E.L. James’ erotic trilogy have another reason to rejoice. The new promo pictures for Fifty Shades Darker are out and feature various scenes from the sequel. Hence, did it give away some of its biggest moments? Not entirely as most of the images were clips from the earlier previews, well except one or two. Nevertheless, they still arouse the same explosive emotions presented by the teaser and trailer.

One image showed a pensive Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) at his desk. While another featured Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) wearing his shirt as she provocatively by the doorway. Both images equally lovely. Then again, the shot of the two lead characters in a tender moment and looking like they are about to kiss would send chills down the spine of any viewer.

Yet most intriguing of all was their picture by the docks. Ana had her shoes in one hand and the other held by Christian. His bow tie from the masquerade party had come undone. Interestingly, a scene from the trailer showed her walk away from the party. Christian was left standing in the hallway as his former lover approached. Hence, it would appear he and Ana made up after what looked like a tense situation. Truly, a worthy fix to tide over movie fans until Fifty Shades Darker premieres in February 2017 according to Pop Sugar.