“Fifty Shades Darker” is getting even darker and hotter after some photos of Jack Hyde leaked online.

Actor Eric Johnson plays the character in the sequel of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Scene photos of Johnson were uploaded on The Stir website. In one scene, he was seen in a brown trench coat and standing behind Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) while Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) was outdoors talking to her female friend. In another footage, Jack was wearing a blue coat and jeans.

Dornan’s character, Christian, was also photographed rescuing Anastasia from the cold, while in another photo, he was holding Anastasia by the arm. One photo also features Jack grinning about something, while in the leaked photo, Anastasia was seen leaving the Seattle Independent Publishers and getting inside the car that Christian sent for her.

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In the book version of “Fifty Shades Darker”, Jack is described as a handsome professional who also happens to be Christian Grey’s nemesis, Trend and Design wrote. Jack and Christian grew up in the same orphanage. However, Christian was the first to be adopted by a rich couple. This made Jack jealous of Christian and made it as his mission to make Grey’s life miserable. Coincidentally, Anastasia got hired as an intern at SIP, where she was assigned to Jack’s department, Trend and Design added.

The cast and crew of “Fifty Shades of Grey” sequel were recently spotted filming in Vancouver, Canada.

Meanwhile, “Fifty Shades Darker” author E.L. James teased the movie on social media, the International Business Times wrote.

She posted a shot of the title page of the movie’s script and some lines from her 2012 erotica book of the same title. “I wake, with a start. Today, I win her back,” read the passage.

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The post has since received more than 28,000 likes on Instagram.

“Fifty Shades Darker” is slated to hit theaters in the United States on Feb. 10, 2017.