With filming of “Fifty Shades Darker” underway, it would appear that the production plans to add another character to its cast. So, did they create a completely new character just for the movie?

“Teen Wolf” star Tyler Hoechlin joins the cast as Boyce Fox, Melty reported. However, who is Boyce Fox? Although the novel of the same title written by E.L. James mentioned his character, his story in the narrative was cut short when his supposed meeting with Anna didn’t push through.

Their missed encounter in the book could be the basis for his role in the film, the publication surmised. However, that same day was particularly hectic for Anna. Not only did she discover that she was pregnant with Christian’s baby, she also received a call from Jack who demanded money for the important person he kidnapped. The latter could be Jack’s revenge against the couple who kicked him out of Seattle Independent Publishing, the publication added.

Hoechlin plays the role of an author whom Anastasia Steel wants to bring into the company, Movie News Guide revealed. The publication cited Hoechlin’s interview with Hey U Guys as he discussed what he could about his upcoming role.

“So I’ll tell you what I can tell you. Boyce Fox is an author that Dakota Johnson’s character is very fond of his work and so he is someone she is interested in bringing into the company, and that’s all I can say,” Hoechlin revealed.

This wouldn’t be the first twist added to the original storyline. Photos from the Vancouver set where “Fifty Shades Darker” is filming revealed Christian and Ana could already be newlyweds in the sequel. Their playful act on camera and the wedding rings worn by both characters gave off the “just married” vibe, sources revealed.

The camaraderie between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan on set lends to a fiery onscreen match up. Hence, malicious rumours about an affair have plagued the couple since their first movie together. Whether it’s reel or real, their unquestionable chemistry lends to the movie’s appeal. Therefore, it would be exciting to see how Boyce Fox figures in Anna’s life, is he a friend or a threat to Christian?