The on-screen chemistry of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson is indeed scorching. However, it looks like the stars are not so close behind the scenes. Someone claims that the Fifty Shades Darker actors have a feud on set.

Rumors about their hidden affairs have surfaced since the Fifty Shades of Grey premiere. However, this time, the report claims otherwise.

A source from Hollywood Life reveals that both actors felt awkward while filming the first film. Of course, the E.L. James erotic trilogy contains nudity and it is inevitable that the stars should be professional about that.

Then, the insider says afterward that amidst all the issues, the on-cam love team became comfortable with each other. They also extended their friendship outside work.

The source believes that Dornan and Johnson’s on and off closeness will add more spice to the sequel. The production team wrapped up filming in Vancouver recently.

Previously, various media outlets bombarded the stars with relationship controversies. Dornan is allegedly trying to divorce his wife Amelia Warner.

However, the hunk debunked the rumors months ago. He unabashedly told Belfast Telegraph that he loves his wife above all.

Despite his confession, the rumors just keep surfacing. The hearsays about him having an affair with Johnson became stronger when she broke up with Matthew Hitt.

Hitt and the Fifty Shades Darker actress had a rocky relationship that ended in June. According to sources, the former couple broke up because of work schedule.

Meanwhile, there has been a lingering report that Jake Gyllenhaal is trying to win back Johnson. The two dated briefly while being separated with Hitt at one point.

Furthermore, a source claimed that the Southpaw actor is not taking “no” for an answer. His statement allegedly made Johnson wary about the “commitment-phobic” Gyllenhaal.

As of writing, Johnson has not made any concrete statement about the issues surrounding her lovelife. Dornan has been mum regarding his marriage with Warner as well.

There will be more updates regarding Fifty Shades Darker so make sure to tune into our website all the time.