“Fifty Shades Darker” fans must be expecting Leila Williams to be one hell of a villain but she might just be a psychopath. Bella Heathcote, who plays the role, shared something about her character.

Her interview with Front Row Features revealed that Williams is just a “confused” character. However, she made it clear that Williams is not a psychopath.

“She’s not going around mowing people down,” she said. “She’s confused and deeply troubled. After every breakup, you have those feelings.”

Furthermore, the Australian actress also said that director James Foley helped her portray the role. Then, Heathcote added that she tried to put her own shoes on the character to fully grasp the emotion.

“She’s also just a girl who’s grief-stricken and heartbroken. I feel like grief can make people do pretty crazy things,” she said.

Heathcote further shared, “And if you’re already not in a good place, to begin with, it sends you off the deep end. I think we can all relate to that feeling of grief and heartbreak, so I just tapped into that and went for it.”

Notably, “Fifty Shades” trilogy author E.L. James created Leila Williams as Christian Grey’s obsessed ex-girlfriend. The book revealed that one time she pointed a gun at Dakota Johnson‘s character, Anastasia Steele.

The production team might include the gun-pointing scene on the movie, notes Design & Trend. On the other hand, actress Kim Basinger also joins the cast as Christian Grey’s dominatrix, Mrs. Robinson/ Elena Lincoln.

Lincoln and Heathcote would be the villains in Grey and Steele’s relationship. But then, moviegoers must keep an eye about the outcome of the movie as soon as it hits the cinemas.

Meanwhile, another report revealed that Jamie Dornan will finally go full frontal for the sequel. A source told Star Magazine (via Hollywood Life) that producers offered him a bonus of $1.5 M for the act.

The insider exclaimed that the film execs are willing to pay more and Dornan, who plays as the BDSM-driven Christian Grey, must be crazy not to accept the deal. Furthermore, the report brought excitement not just to fans but to his co-star Johnson as well.

Everyone wants to see the D,” she stated during one of her interviews. Well, Dornan has not confirmed the reports but his fans shall see when “Fifty Shades Darker” hits theaters on Feb. 10, 2017.