Among the Fifth Harmony members, Camila Cabello seems to be the only member who have a “solo” career. Her collaboration with Canadian singer Shawn Mendes in the song “I Know What You Did Last Summer” had the fans asking if that will mark her way to stardom as a solo artist.

Will she pursue her own musical career? The Latina singer went on to reveal her opinion during her interview with Seventeen Magazine.

Citing the mag, Inquistr wrote that Cabello denied the rumors that she has “calculated plans” for a solo stint. Additionally, she also admitted that she felt sad for the “backlash” she’d received from Harmonizers when she collaborated with Mendes.

“They turned me (doing the song) into a conspiracy theory. We literally just wrote a song backstage & it ended up becoming something awesome. It wasn’t a career move that I carefully planned out,” she explained.

She even addressed the fiery comments about her from some die hard 5H fans. According to her Twitter post: “there is not enough time in the world to explain yourself to people that already think they know ur intentions… so let it go.”

Notably, “I Know What You Did Last Summer” is Mendes’ song, with Cabello as a feature. They revealed in an interview that they created the song within 30 minutes when he, Cabello and the rest of Fifth Harmony members were all on tour with Taylor Swift’s concert.

“[Camila Cabello and I] were just backstage. There were like 100 people in my dressing room at the time, and it was madness back there, but I had this guitar and I was just jamming out, and we basically wrote a pre-chorus and a chorus in like 30 minutes,” Shawn disclosed the behind-the-scenes video from Youtube. “We planned to go into the studio, and it was like an 11-hour studio session where we finished writing the song.”

The rest of Fifth Harmony members are yet to comment on the news.