A new viral video is trending on Twitter and shows Fifth Harmony members Camila, Lauren, Dinah-Jane, Normani and Ally in a heated confrontation. One of the five women was seen slapping a grown man.

Don’t fret though, the video was staged and it was done all in good fate and a grin on their faces.

The viral clip shows 5H with Spanish DJ Uri Sabat and another good looking male. Posted on Nov. 2, the clip already has close to 10,000 retweets and above 11,000 favorites.

Watch the video below:

Twitter user @NormanilsCutie transcribed the video clip in English for fans’ satisfaction:

Man1: They’re really hot

Man2: They’re going to hear you

Man1: They’re foreigners, they don’t understand


The video is very funny and shows that the women aren’t all about working it, they also know how to have fun.

The men may have also forgotten that two of the members, Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui, are Latinas and speak Spanish.

Meanwhile, Fifth Harmony continues to dominate the world, arriving in London and appearing in Capital FM studios after performing in Amsterdam during Halloween, Mirror UK reports. The ladies arrived in a fashionable manner, showing off their “edgy style” while arriving at the studio.

“Fifth Harmony are known for their tiny outfits on stage, and their fans weren’t disappointed today as they arrived in London in similar style,” the site noted.

After London, the ladies will be heading to Manchester, Frankfurt and Paris to continue their European tour. They will be back in the United States in December.

European and American fans can purchase tickets here.