Fifth Harmony released the single “Work From Home” on Feb. 26 and it has been popular ever since. Apart from that, the girls are making a buzz all over the music industry as their sophomore album 7/27 is rumored to kick off on May 20.

The girls got discovered while competing in X Factor and judge Simon Cowell has always believed in the girls’ talent. Now that a new album is about to be released, Cowell praised the girls and expressed his excitement.

“From America this year, our big focus in the States this year is Fifth Harmony, and they’ve got a killer album coming out, the album’s amazing,” he told E! News, as quoted by TV3. However, the rumors about the May 20 launch date is still unconfirmed so fans might want to wait for the official announcement as per 5H and their team.

The website furthermore noted that the girls even became more tight as a group amid breakup rumors. After the first album “Reflection” was out last year, several split rumors emerged on the net and Camila Cabello was the first member to be plagued with intrigues.

The brunette chick stated that she will not part with the group, on the contrary that some Harmonizers assumed that her duet with Shawn Mendes for the song “I Know What You Did Last Summer” was part of her seamless exit.

”The cool part is that we allow one another to do our own thing within this thing. I think it’s healthy because if not, personally, I would go insane,” she stated.

On the other hand, Normani Kordei revealed on Cliche Magazine that they will be separated, but not too soon.

“In the beginning, we all had intentions of pursuing solo careers. I’m still an individual, as well as the others, meaning we have slightly different visions and aspirations,” she explained. “We have a ton of work [to do] and much more to accomplish as Fifth Harmony before that happens,” she added.

More news about Fifth Harmony’s upcoming material very soon.