World Cup winning captain Carli Lloyd got more than 35 percent of the votes as she was voted FIFA’s women’s Player of the Year 2015.

In an emotional acceptance speech, Lloyd was quoted in the New York Times as saying:

“I honestly wouldn’t be sitting up here, standing up here, without my incredible teammates.”

Here’s how she reacted to the award:

Carli scored an incredible 16 minute hat-trick including a goal from her own half to stun and humiliate Japan, 5-2, in the Women’s World Cup final. She was also the highest goal scorer in the Wold Cup with six goals.

Lloyd, who plays for Houston Dash, had to compete with Celia Sasic of Germany and Aya Miyama of Japan to bag the honor. She got more than 35 percent of the votes, while Celia got 12.6 percent of the votes and third-place Aya came third with 10 percent.

“We all know that individual honors come from being a part of great teams,” she said in a statement through U.S. Soccer according to Yahoo! Sports.  “And I want to thank all my teammates and coaches and the many people who have helped me along the way. It was a memorable year for all of us and I want to thank U.S. Soccer for their tremendous support of our national team, as well as FIFA and everyone who voted.”

Carli’s hard work was never recognized by the world until the FIFA World Cup last year. She stunned the crowd with a 13-minute hat-trick. Her first goal came in the 3rd minute, from a corner kick, as she tapped the ball in after racing into the box. She scored her second just 2 minutes later, with a similar goal. Her third was absolutely stunning as she launched the ball from her own half to put it behind Japan’s clueless goalkeeper. Her hat-trick in the World Cup final and the victory was the pinnacle of her career.

Watch some of her memorable goals here: