The second season of “Fear The Walking Dead” is almost here. What’s in store for fans of this “Walking Dead” spin-off? Below, we round up 10 secrets you should know ahead of the show’s season 2 premiere.

1. Who is in danger this season?

Frank Dillane, who plays Nick Clark on the show, told, that “everyone is in danger.”

2. Where will the premiere find the main characters?

According to Inquisitr, the characters will still be where we saw them last: at sea on Strand’s yacht. The season’s first episode “Monster” will pick up just after season 1 ended.

3. Where did Strand come from?

Dillane hinted that fans will learn more about his character’s enigmatic friend this season. “Strand has a great back story coming up…[and he] becomes more part of the fabric of the show,” the actor told BT.

4. Are they really safe from zombies?

Inquisitr speculates that they are not. This season, the news site said, will show that “there really is no safe zone…and that even at sea, they can be killed by zombies.”

5. Did the cast and crew get sea sick while shooting?

“We weren’t actually at sea,” Dillane admitted to BT. “We were on a boat that was built in a tank.”

6. Where was the show filmed exactly?

Fun fact: according to BT, the show was shot in the studio built for the movie “Titanic.”

7. Who’s the real enemy?

“I think everyone…gets themselves in danger of their own accord,” Dillane told BT.

8. Will the show tackle Negan? speculates that “Fear the Walking Dead” could be a “great place” to tackle Negan’s back story.

9. Is a “Walking Dead” crossover possible?

“I’d like to see that, but apparently they’re not going to do that,” Dillane told

10. What else can we expect this season?

“We’re going to see very dramatic changes in people,” producer Greg Nicotero told Wall Street Journal.