The second season of “Fear The Walking Dead” has just begun this month. But the hit “The Walking Dead” spin-off has already been renewed for a third season. What can fans expect from Fear The Walking Dead Season 3?

According to The Wrap, AMC president Charlie Collier himself announced that the hit show will be back for a third season. “What [show runner] Dave Erickson and [creator] Robert Kirkman have invented in Fear The Walking Dead is to be applauded,” Collier said in a statement. “As [one of the show’s characters] Victor Strand observed, ‘The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.’ We thank the millions of fans for embracing this mad world and look forward to sailing far into the future.”

The network executive also tried to articulate why the show has been so successful. “Watching Los Angeles crumble through the eyes of our characters and seeing each make decisions and try to figure out the rules of their new world — it’s fresh, eerie and compelling,” he said. “And we’re all in for the ride.” Will Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 be as “fresh, eerie and compelling” as the first two seasons have been so far? Fans will have to wait for its premiere next year to find out.

The first seven episodes of “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 2 will air through the spring. Meanwhile, the season’s last eight episodes will hit the small screen later in 2016.  A date for this season’s second half has yet to be confirmed. But according to Movie Pilot, it will likely air before “The Walking Dead” returns with its seventh season in October.

You can check out the second season of “Fear the Walking Dead” as it airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET (11 a.m., Monday ACT) on AMC.