Episode 3 titled “Ouroboros” of “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 2 reveals the bloody aftermath when the selfish Abigail group meets the helpless survivors of Flight 462 in the zombie-infested land.

Flight 462 is a 16-part horror mini-series featuring a group of survivors on a commercial airliner crashed in Southern California after zombies ran amok in the cabin.

The yacht group sailing on the “Abigail” is not aware the ruined plane, however, or that they’ve gone into its debris field on the last Sunday episode.

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Floating on a life raft is crash survivor Charlie (Michelle Ang), who does her best to care for Jake (Brendan Meyer), a teenage boy she befriended on the flight. Charlie even kills another raft occupant who threatens Jake. His dead body later blocks a seawater intake pipe of the “Abigail,” causing the motor yacht’s engine to stop.

While Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) tackles the disgusting chore of cleaning out the pipes, Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) spots luggage from Flight 462 strewn along a beach.

“We need supplies,” Alicia tells her skeptical mother, Madison (Kim Dickens). Madison seems fearful about a zombie attack.

“I’ve been watching,” Alicia adds. “There’s no one there, no infected. All that stuff is just lying there.”

On the other hand , Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades) heads to the seashore in search of  some antibiotics for his injured daughter Ofelia (Mercedes Mason).

“OK, let’s be quick,” Daniel orders Alicia, her brother Nick (Frank Dillane) and Travis’ son Chris Manawa (Lorenzo James Henrie) once they hit the beach. “Everyone where I can see you. Fill your bags, come back.”

Back in the flight, Chris released the badly injured survivor from his seat as the man begged him for death.

Chris resists first, then squeezes his eyes shut and crushes the man’s skull with a metal tool.

Meanwhile, Charlie quickly reaches the beach and collects supplies to help Jake. When dozens of Flight 462 zombies approach, she runs toward the Pacific.

“They’re coming,” Charlie yells at Daniel. “Run!”

“Where’s Nick?” Alicia screams, as Charlie and the “Abigail” group while trapped on a cliff edge.

Nick’s fine, actually, for he’s covered in sharp zombie knife that lets him move unmolested among them.

When everyone reaches “Abigail,” including Charlie and Jake in their raft, captain Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) refuses to let the newcomers on-board.

“There’s not room,” Strand angrily says. “Not where we’re going!”

“It’ll never hurt worse than right now,” Charlie consoles Jake. “And every day will be a little better.”

Sadly, all her hopes vanish as soon as Strand cuts the tow rope and sets the raft drifting.

Now the survival of Charlie and Jake becomes questionable, Daily Mail reveals.