Director James Comey pointed out that FBI does not wish to make a precedent by telling Apple to violate its security policy. He emphasised that the bureau only wants to give the victims the justice they deserve. There were 14 lives that were lost and 22 wounded victims when the event happened.

According to the Bureau, they are asking Apple to unlock the iPhone device of Syed Rizwan, one of the suspect’s and currently under the custody of  the FBI, without bringing any damage to the data that will help in solving the case and prevent against the possibility of another similar tragedy.

Apple Inc. will be facing a lawsuit filed by the San Bernardino attack victims. The legal move is aimed at pressuring the computer giant to unlock the iPhone of one of the suspects.

Although Stephen Larson, the victims’ lawyer and a former federal judge, did not reveal the number of victims who joined the lawsuit, he is confident that his legal steps will aid the FBI’s attempt to urge Apple to unlock the suspect’s iPhone. Larson also added that the victims have been the targets of terrorists and they have the right to know how and why this happened, Reuters reported.

The Apple Inc. is being forced to unlock the iPhone of one of the suspect’s  of the San Bernardino attack, which took 14 lives and left 22 wounded. The shooting rampage was done by a couple who allegedly got inspired by the militants of the Islamic State, but were gunned down by the police.

Apple Executive Tim Cook later on made a letter which was addressed to their customers, noting that the company has been working hard to assist the government’s attempts to solve the horrible incident.

Apple Inc is unwilling to comply with the demands of the bureau indicating that this action may pose some threat to their customers’ security, including the fact that it may become a dangerous precedent, The Guardian reported.