As more Fast and Furious 8 spoilers flood the internet, fans are definitely wondering whether Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner will be left out of the picture when the new movie hits the theatres. As moviegoers and die-hard fans already know, Walker and co-star Vin Diesel’s reel and real life friendship have been one of the integral components that made the franchise successful.

Unfortunately, producers have yet to share how they will incorporate Walker’s untimely demise in 2013 in the future movies.  In the previous instalment, Walker’s character was seen driving down a separate route from Diesel’s Dom Toretto just before the end credits rolled.  This somehow suggests that his days with his car-chasing family is over, but it is not exactly clear how the cast and crew will expound on that in the eighth movie.

Despite not being a huge part of the “Fast and Furious 8” cast, Walker will always be an invisible force behind the successful franchise, and will be forever remembered by fans and castmates alike.  Just recently, Diesel posted an Instagram photo remembering his dear friend.

“Many of the crew members who have worked on several of the past Fast films are here again to help us make something special,” Diesel captioned his Instagram post. “One of them at the end of the week came up to me and said wow what we are capturing on film is excellent… And then looked at me and said Paul would be proud. #wemakethemwithourhearts”

Meanwhile, other “Fast and Furious 8” spoilers have already hinted that the new movie will be different from the previous instalments. Rumours also teased that instead of using sports cars, the cast and crew used Cuban vintage cars in the action scenes.

“Fast and Furious 8” is slated to hit the big screens on April 14, 2017.  The upcoming movie will be the first in the new “Fast and Furious” trilogy.