“Fast and Furious 8” confirmed Nathalie Emmanuel’s return and everyone appears so excited about it. She was first introduced in the previous instalment as the savvy and hot hacker, Ramsay.

Vin Diesel announced her comeback via social media by posting a selfie of him and the actress. Will Emmanuel be given a new role?

Ramsey's back! Love this girl… #F8

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Inquistr presumes that Emmanuel could be joining the “emerging covert team of the Fast and Furious vindicated criminals turned operatives for the U.S government and Interpol.” But FF8 fans must wait and see what she will do when the movie kicks off in theatres.

Same as Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also took to Instagram his preparation as Agent Luke Hobbs, who as an “enemy turned into a villain.”

“The character of “Hobbs” has been hired to do three things: Raise the bar, dominate and destroy… and chew bubble gum. And Hobbs is always out of bubble gum,” part of the caption reads.

Phenomenal week of hard training as I'm 18 days away from steppin' on set for Fast & Furious 8. Should be fun. The tricky part this whole time is I have a week left of shooting #BAYWATCH where the character was roughly 235-238lbs the entire shoot. Today I tipped the scales at 252lbs. When I step on set for #Fast8 I'll land somewhere between 252-255lbs. The shirtless scenes have all been shot for #BAYWATCH so with clothing Im able to cover up this final week of production. For #Fast8 – after havin' long chats with Universal and my good bud/director F. Gary Gray, the character of "Hobbs" has been hired to do three things: Raise the bar, dominate and destroy… and chew bubble gum. And Hobbs is always out of bubble gum. Thank you Rowdy One for that line. A lot of you guys out there (many pro and amateur athletes as well) know how f'n challenging it is to dial in and "make weight" for a performance or contest. Not fun, but hopefully it becomes all worth it in the end when you achieve your goals. Respect. In this case, Fast & Furious 8 will be my fourth rodeo with this franchise. The character has got to evolve – bad ass, focused, bounty hunter mentality and above all else – funny. In a winking way for the audience to enjoy. If there's no character growth, then it's over. And it ain't ever over 'til Hobbs says it's over. I think that line needs to be in the movie;). Promise to do my best to deliver the goods. Until then, we all keep makin' it happen with hard ass work and our own two hands. While chewin' bubble gum and drinkin' some blue gorilla urine concoction that puts apparently puts hair on your chest. Yum. #ExcellentWeekOfWork #IronParadise #FromBaywatchToFastAndFurious #BlueDrinkMakesDaddyWannaSlapSomebody (and thank the Lord I'm shooting JUMANJI and BALLERS in the fall. Tired of eating so damn much;)

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On the other hand, new characters were also introduced in the past like Charlize Theron and Scott Eastwood. notes Entertainment Weekly. Meanwhile, it is still unclear whether the late Paul Walker will be featured in flashbacks or a new Brian O’Conner will be introduced in the next film.

Apart from the recent announcement, the production team just started shooting scenes in Cuba. Notably, “Fast and Furious 8” is the first film to set foot in the country. The filmmakers were able to persuade the Cuban government to approve their request because they believe that Cuba is one of the perfect places for the movie because of its exotic ambience.

The details about “Fast and Furious 8” has been massively spreading like a wildfire on the web but the plot remains a mystery somehow. Well, fans may have to wait until April 14, 2017, before it is unveiled.