“Fast and Furious 8” production team revealed some expensive cars to be used in the upcoming movie which is said to be more than $17 million.

Movie Web notes that this is part of “Fast Friday” tradition wherein filmmakers shares a bit of information about what is currently happening on the set. Vehicle coordinator Dennis McCarthy unveiled some of the cars used on the film’s official Facebook page.

The 15-minute video shows his car collection and described the vehicles as “automotive Valhalla.” However, the scenes where the cars are being used are still under wraps.

The filmmakers have been teasing the fans with the development of the movie. More than this, a video of the “insane garage stunt” in Cleveland was also leaked.

Despite the teasers, the plot for the film remains a mystery. But the actors and the people behind the scenes have been praising the new villain, Charlize Theron, for her contributions on the action flick.

Film composer Brian Tyler revealed that she is a villain with unexplainable charisma and compared her to Anthony Hopkins’ role as Hannibal Lecter. “It’s like a siren kind of thing,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“There’s no question the havoc and villainy she brings [but] you’re attracted to it. There’s something where you can kind of see yourself in this villain that makes it more disturbing and, at the same time, more interesting,” Tyler continued.

Vin Diesel also praised her performance by stating that “she has truly brought her A-game to this saga and we are all grateful for it,” on his Facebook account.

Another information that is available so far is the movie’s settings. The story will primarily take place in New York, with production set for the Big Apple, Atlanta, and Russia, with scenes shot in Cuba and Iceland.

“Fast and Furious 8” premieres on April 14, 2017.