The Fast & Furious franchise is now all set to hit the theatre with its next action-packed series “Fast & Furious 8.” Giving a tough competition to its potent contenders this early 2000s B-movie series has today evolved into a critically-acclaimed action property and one of the feathers in Universal Pictures’ cap.

According to JALOPNIK,  the Academy Award-winning star Charlize Theron is confirmed as one of the cast members. Theron is best known for a lot of critically-praised movies like “Monster,” “Prometheus,” “Mad Max: Fury Road” and others.

The casting was announced in a tweet:

Sources reveal that Theron has been cast in Fast 8, which has been packing its eighth outing’s cast list with international names and familiar faces in the wake of series backbone Paul Walker’s unfortunate death during the production of “Furious 7.” Although it is not yet confirmed what role the ace actor will play, but going by the rumors we can just presume that she will be a new villain in “Fast & Furious 8.” In that case, we possibly see Theron joining a growing bad guy line-up that already includes her “Italian Job” co-star Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw, the loose-canon archenemy introduced in the earlier chapter.  F. Gary Gray, who directed both Statham and Theron in “The Italian Job,” is also directing Fast 8 , reports Screenrant. GatesCharlize Theron

“Fast & Furious 8” officially started shooting in Cleveland last month, and is also scheduled to shoot in Iceland for some time – where the film crew aims to stage the largest controlled explosion in the country’s history.

Star and producer Vin Diesel have long expressed interest in taking the series to New York and supposedly the scenes being shot in Cleveland will be set in the Big Apple in the actual film.

Meanwhile, Eva Mendes is in talks to reprise her role as Agent Monica Fuentes in the upcoming sequel. It’s believed that Monica might team up with Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Dom (Vin Diesel) to take on a new villain in New York, further revealed Screenrant.

“Fast 8” will be released worldwide on April 14, 2017.