The close ties of the Fast 8 cast are evident on screen. Hence, the surprising rant of Dwayne the Rock Johnson could just be a gimmick. On the other hand, was it real?

Production for the latest installment of the popular movie franchise is underway. This time around, the Fast 8 cast welcomed new additions to the family. Fans are eager to find out what Helen Mirren, Scott Eastwood and Charlize Theron bring to the movie. It is possible the late Paul Walker is happy and proud at how everyone is getting along. However, the recent rant of the Rock might suggest otherwise.

The Rock publicly dissed his male co-stars via social media. While his FB and Instagram posts did offer a sneak peek at one of his scenes in the movie, the accompanying text drew a lot of attention. Hence, the growing interest of fans to find out who among the men of the Fast 8 cast he meant to call out.

Could this be a publicity stunt? News Ledge posited the question as any conflict among the Fast 8 cast would seem unlikely. Moreover, the reputation of the franchise and its stellar casting would probably make marketing efforts redundant.

The latest update on the matter points to Vin Diesel as its possible target. Incidentally, Vin Diesel is also a producer for the movie. According to TMZ, the Rock did not seem to agree with some decisions made by Diesel in his official capacity. A meeting between the two allegedly took place last Tuesday to smooth out growing tension among the Fast 8 cast.

The controversy that seems to be happening behind the scenes could be cause for concern. Would it affect future installments of the franchise? Then again, could it be a precursor to the rumored Fast & Furious spinoff movie centered on Hobbs?

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